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MSA Galaxy Automated Test System - Sirius, 2 Regulators + Wired Web Interface - 10061883

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MSA Galaxy Automated Test System - Sirius, 2 Regulators + Wired Web Interface - 10061883
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MSA Galaxy Automated Test System - Sirius, 2 Regulators + Wired Web Interface - 10061883

MSA Galaxy Automated Test System - Sirius, 2 Regulators + Wired Web Interface - 10061883


10061883 Galaxy Automated Test System - Sirius, 2 Regulators + Wired Web Interface by MSA

The Galaxy Automated Test System is a user friendly test system designed with durability and reliability in mind. The high quality polycarbonate plastic encases the test system to ensure the unit will withstand environmental hazards. The Galaxy test system is a time tested unit developed with the highest safety and reliability standards. It is highly compatible with other MSA products and gas detection devices. The unitís advanced functioning technology and optional cost efficient accessories also ensure that they device is highly customizable to individual needs.

User friendly testing

To test a device, users need only to place a device in the unit test stand and close the door. The door will ensure proper gas flow, secures the testing unit into place, and offers dust protection during testing. The Galaxy Automated Test System will automatically begin performing the test. When the unit has finished testing, a bright LED light will provide an instantly recognizable indication of pass or failure. As an added benefit, some MSA devices can even be recharged using the testing system. The Galaxy Automated Test System is compatible with several MSA gas detection products including Solaris, Orion, Sirius, and Altair multigas detectors.

The unitís high functionality ensures that the test system can perform as a standalone device or connected to a computer network. The system also has key features designed to keep the workspace organized. The patent pending gas cylinder holder offers a sturdy base for gas cylinders, and the DIN rail allows for a steady wall mount.

Optional features

Users can also purchase optional features for the Galaxy Automated Test System. In some situations, a power source may not be available. For this reason, an optional battery pack is available that uses replaceable AA alkaline batteries. These batteries can provide up to 100 calibrations for each instrument test stand. Users needing a calibration or data log may want to utilize the optional printer. Users may also want to print a data log to place with the space entry permit. An optional industry-standard memory card is also available which can retain over 1000 test records.

Network interface

The Galaxy Automated Test System is also compatible with an optional network interface. The easy to use interface is great for record retention and retrieval, instrument inventory, adjusting calibration settings, calibration notifications, and managing software. The network interface stores a variety of records including calibration results, calibration due dates, and specific instrument information. A complete list of inventory can be printed and the report can display due dates for all devices along with any pertinent notifications. The Galaxy System network interface also allows users to opt into email notifications. These notifications alert recipients of calibration due dates and test results. Finally, the network interface allows for a network manager. The network manager performs all of the standard functions, but also combines all of the data from the entire network.

The Galaxy Automated Test System has many replacement parts and accessories available from a variety of vendors in North America, Europe, and Australia. The replacement parts are cost-efficient and easily accessible.

Size Test stand shall not exceed 6.25"(L) x 6.25"(W) x 11.25" (H).
Weight Less than 3.1 pounds (1.4 kg).
Case Material Test stand shall be high strengt h, non-corrosive ABS.
Display Location Display is viewable from the front.
Desktop/Wall Mount System must be desktop or wall mountable.
Display Type 2 line x 16 character alphanumeric display, continually displaying test status information.
Backlight Unit must be provided with backlight for low-light viewing.
Keypad/Switches Test Stand must have no more than 3 pushbuttons to operate. There shall be no requirement to access hidden or internal switches for any system operation.
Status LEDs Separate Green and Red LEDs on Test Stand indicating test completion status for clear indication of Pass or Fail.
Audible Indicator An audible indicator must be included on Test Stand for clear indication of Pass or Fail status.
Network Accessibility System must have the capability for network accessibility to the Test Stand both wired (ethernet) and wireless (802.11b).
Network Software Interface Standard web br owser software (i.e. Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) for easy
access to data records.
Standalone System must be capable of operating without a network, controller, or computer.
Data Storage System must be capable of storing individual test records on an industry standard flash memory card which can retain more than 1000 records.
Data Storage Protection A cover must be provided to protect the data storage device from tampering.
Charging System must have the ability to automatically charge an instrument after the test has been completed. The system must give cl ear indication of charge status via LED indicator.
Interconnectivity Up to 10 specific systems must be able to be interconnected.
Cylinder Holder An optional in-line cylinder holder must be available. Up to 3 cylinder holders are to be able to interconnect within the system.
Tubing and Electrical Connections When connecting multiple Test Stands or cylinder holders together, the system must be capable of automatically connecting all r equired tubing and electrical connections.
Printer The system must have the ability to print to a printer connected directly to the Test Stand.
System Door Unit must be equipped with a system door that covers the entire instrument, keeping debris from entering the Test Stand during use or when idle.
Data Access Communications of the instrument under test to the Test Stand shall be non-intrusive using infrared link communications.
Gas Delivery System The system must be capable of automatically drawing calibration gas from a cylinder through a demand flow regulator.
Sampling System Filters The system pump must have replaceable filters easily accessible for user replacement.
Pump Test Test Stand provides the capability to automatically test the pump for flow and proper operation.
Cylinder Test Test Stand provides the capability to automatically determine if the calibration gas cylinder is empty.
System Settings All settable system parameters (test type, time and date set, adding/removing cylinders, etc.) will be protected by a us er-selectable password. Password feature can also be completely disabled by the user, if desired.
Setup Modifications Modifications to the system set up and test parameters must be able to be made via the keypad on the Test Stand.
Instrument Auto Recognition The system must have the ability to automatically identify the in strument type when placed in the Test Stand.
No Button Operation Once the system is set up, the Test Stand shall perform the test without requiring the user to press any buttons. The system shall automatically run the test to completion.
Error Messages All errors must be displayed in easily understood text messages.
Battery Pack An optional battery pack must be available to operate the system remotely providing up to 100 calibrations or tests per Test Stand.
Power supply Power supply must be available for 110VAC/220 VAC and 12-24 VDC.
Manufacturing System Quality Approvals The instrument manufacturer must be certified compliant with ISO 9001 provisions.
Temperature Normal Operation: 0 to 40C
Humidity 15 to 90% (non-condensing) continuous operation
Warranty System shall have a two-year warranty on ALL components.

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